Who we are

Wishing to provide services in structural building design at the highest level, EDIT Structural
was established in 2010.

Having strong roots in the academic field, EDIT Structural relies on a complete team, consisting on the
one hand, of outstanding personalities of the academic world and of the structural building design from
Romania, having over 45 years of experience and authors of the most important structures design codes,
and on the other hand of the young generation of designers, who are standing out through the use of the
most effective methods of calculation and detailing the structures.

The accumulated experience by a EDIT Structural in building design and buildings consolidation,
integrates a spread area of over 700000 m2 of buildings, such as achievement of technical expertise
for buildings with a spread area of over 350000 m2.

Join our team

For EDIT Structural, the most important are the people from our team. Considering the exigencies that are imposed in the area in which we operate, the skills, the rigor and the perseverance are essential features of the people who form the EDIT Structural team.

If you consider that you match our values, please send us your resume by e-mail: